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IGC 2021 Meeting 18-19 June 2021

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A third meeting for the International Geodesign Collaboration (IGC), is planned for 18-20 June 2021, virtually, via Zoom, hosted by Esri.

IGC 2021 Meeting follow-up

Please note

  • the meeting was sponsored by Esri, attendance was free to all.  A big THANK YOU to all at Esri for their tireless, efficient and invisible support that allowed IGC 2021 to run smoothly.
  • the entire meeting was conducted via Zoom; all sessions were recorded and will be available shortly

IGC 2021 is now behind us -- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 18–20 June 2021.  Attendance was free and open to all participants – students were especially encouraged to attend.  Each day of the conference had two sessions at times selected to provide maximum accessibility for time-zones around the world (details below).


We invite you and your students to continue to benefit from the applications of geodesign to projects posted on the IGC 2021 Completed Projects link. They address the immediate and critical global challenges including climate change, climate migration, and global equity. Researchers, academics, practitioners, and students from an array of allied disciplines gathered to learn from and discuss presentations covering these topics.


Thirty projects were presented and discussed at IGC 2021, resulting in a fruitful working meeting sharing our work but also working together to refine the way IGC projects are conducted.


  • All project presentations were prepared as short videos and are now available at IGC 2021 Completed Projects.

  • All sessions were video recorded and will be made available after editing via the IGC website.


This is an overview schedule of the IGC 2021 meeting--follow the buttons on this page to the full schedule.  Attendees will recognize a similar format to our face-to-face meetings, but with increased time for working discussion sessions, designed to continue to develop the IGC process based on our collective experiences.  One element of that will be a special session devoted to teaching strategies Stepping Stone of Geodesign Education, focusing on distance education.


Conference Committee:


Miran Jung Day (Chair), Cal. Poly San Luis Obispo, United States

Dongying Li, Texas A&M University, United States

Neil Sang, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden

Olaf Schroth, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Tijana Dabovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Landis Wenger, Utah State University, United States

Stephen Ervin, Harvard University, United States

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