IGC: Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting the Project/ Project Analysis


Q: Related to the three stages, should we report on all the six stage boxes (2020, 2035, 2050 of scenario A, 2035 of scenario B and 2050 of scenario C) of the three stages?  


A: Yes, please. See the Presentation Formats under Events

Project and Exhibit Format

Q. There is an A and B version for the exhibition format? Which version should we use?


A. Please focus on designing for A.  If your project turns out to be especially large or complex and needs more space we can offer B as an alternative — determined to some degree by the space we have available.   If some projects do not materialize there will be more space to share. 


Assumptions and Innovations

Q. There are one group of global assumptions and 9 systems’ innovations. Should we follow all assumptions and innovations or we can choose those we agree and will use in our project? Is there a limit or minimum number of them we should choose? Or do you mean we need at least 10 assumptions from the macro global scale assumptions, and at least 10 innovations from each of the infrastructure systems?


A. Good question — we could have been clearer.  We are asking teams to consider which of ALL the global assumptions and system innovations were most important in shaping their projects-so the top ten of all of those.  We are interested in making comparisons across projects and sharing results-are some scale dependent, more appropriate to urban vs rural, etc.




Q1. Do all projects have to address all of the 9 systems + the mixed system? If certain project sites have little to do with a certain system, should we include it? Is the mixed system optional?


A. You do not need to design, for example, for Mixed use if there is none in your project.

Q2. The “The Ten IGS Systems and RGB Colour Codes” : What is the second column (with shades of the main colour and lots of numbers?) Do the numbers refer to land use codes?

A. The first column are the selected systems, the second column are distinctions that may be important Locally (e.g., Agriculture vs Forestry) — so they could be substituted if just a swap is called for, or added as System 10 if both are necessary.  The numbers are the RGB values (we took advice on making the color choices more friendly to those with red-green color discrimination issues.)


Q3. Can I make a best guess match to my local data?

A. Yes.

Document and Project Submission


Q1: Do we need to submit our final project online before the exhibition?

A. Please see submission guidelines


Q2: What digital format should our project be in? (i.e., Word, PDF)

A. Please see guidelines and templates

Technical Issues