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Dear IGC colleagues,


We had a very fine IGC 2021 meeting. There were four characteristics that made it especially effective and memorable: the greater consistency of study representation, the application by all of SDG assessment, the increased participation of students presenting the work, and the excellent discussion groups among engaged and experienced colleagues.

Two initiatives deserve special attention:

First, Professor Ana Clara Mourão Moura coordinated "Trees for Metropolitan Regions in Brazil", twelve projects using the GISColab Web-based platform, developed by the Federal University of Minas Gerais to address the planning challenges common to all metropolitan regions by exploiting the project-to-project comparability of the IGC framework.

Second, three coordinated projects by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, "Spatial Development Scenarios for Slovenia: National, regional, and local perspectives" demonstrated the multi-scale design potential of IGC's geodesign approach.

In response to past discussions toward achieving broader and more active participation, the IGC governance committee conducted a poll to create a Transition Team to guide IGC leadership beyond its initial configuration. That committee is described at the link Organizational Structure.

IGC 2022

Dear IGC members,


The IGC Transition Team is planning a one-day, virtual meeting for IGC's members on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the day after ESRI's Geodesign Summit, which will meet in-person in Redlands, California, on April 11th and 12th. We will send out an agenda, schedule, and Zoom link closer to the April 13th date, but we wanted you to get it on your calendars. We will also send you options for discussion at that meeting regarding the IGC's future administration, conventions, governance, and communications. The Transition Team also plans to hold a meeting in the summer of 2022 in which we will have project presentations and content-related conversations, the date for which we have not yet decided. 


The Transition Team has three workgroups underway, and we would welcome your help or input. The workgroups and their leaders are:


Governance/Transition: Christian Albert, John Wilson, Jörg Rekittke

Project Conventions/Themes: Guoping Huang, Paulo Pellegrino, Maimuna Saleh-Bela, Tijana Dabovic

Annual Meeting/Communications: Tom Fisher, Tijana Dabovic, Guoping Huang


We know that some of you are eager to hear what theme(s) we will focus on this year, and we will get back to you very soon with that information. We do want IGC members to continue to use the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the early, late, and non-adopter scenarios as the framework for evaluating projects, as we have done in the past. 



IGC Transition Team