IGC 2020 meeting, 22-24 February 2020

IGC 2020 will assemble Geodesign-focused academic designers, representing nearly 100 participant universities and other organizations, generously hosted by Jack Dangermond and Esri at their Redlands, California, headquarters. The schedule of IGC 2020 will be linked with the 11th Geodesign Summit, 25-27 February 2020.


34 organizations have registered projects which will be displayed in Redlands.  Most of those organizations will be represented by team members who will present their projects during Sunday and Monday work sessions interspersed by discussion groups.

IGC 2020 meeting presentations

Sunday, 23 February

Welcome and Overview of IGC 2019–20 
—Carl Steinitz and Brian Orland


IGC Study Presentations 

Education for Geodesign
—Carl Steinitz

IGC Study Presentations

Monday, 24 February

IGC Study Presentations 

The Possibility of a Global Geodesign Project—Carl Steinitz and Brian Orland

This is IGC 2020:

A slide-show blitz of 33 projects, arranged from large-sized projects to small


Closing session: Where IGC has come and some speculations about the future
--Carl Steinitz and Brian Orland


Discussion Groups

There are several themes derived from IGC 2020 Discussions to further develop geodesign thinking and processes. We will publish IGC 2020 outcomes here as they come available.


See IGC 2020 Completed Projects for the team posters displayed at IGC 2020

And to IGC 2020 Presentations for project powerpoints presented during IGC 2020.

Core organizing committee for IGC 2020:

Carl Steinitz, Harvard University Graduate School of Design and CASA, University College London. 

Brian Orland, College of Environment+Design, University of Georgia. 

Thomas Fisher, College of Design, University of Minnesota.

Ryan Perkl, Esri Professional Services Division. 

Michael Gould, Esri Higher Education Director.

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