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IGC 2021 Presentation and reporting guide

Presenters at the IGC 2021 meeting are required to submit a 100-word abstract summarizing their project, a 6-minute video presentation, and an 8- or 9-slide project description in MS PowerPoint format.
Abstracts, Videos and PowerPoint slides will be published via the IGC website to create a public archive of projects and their descriptions.

Submitting project Abstracts, Videos, and Powerpoints for IGC 2021

Please read and use these guidelines. IGC needs your full cooperation.
  1. Abstracts will be used on the IGC website to introduce your projects.
  2. Your Videos will be available via YouTube and Google drive for IGC attendees to view ahead of, during, and after the  IGC 2021 meeting.
  3. The required PowerPoint slides provide a static representation of your project to complement the 6-minute video required for your presentation.  IGC will post your PowerPoint slides to the IGC website for prior, during, and after viewing.
  4. You may use your Abstract as part of your PPT, and you may use your PPT in making your Video if you wish.
  5. You may develop your descriptive slides using any means you wish but they must be submitted in an editable PPT format to allow machine translation if needed by users.

Preparing files for uploading​​​

  1. Abstracts and PPTs--follow the guidelines below:
    • Submit your abstract as an MS Word *.doc file.  Include the names of all project participants and clearly identify the name of the presenter. All file names MUST start with the name of your institution -- "YourUniversityName_DDMMYY.doc".

    • For the PowerPoint, regardless of the presentation software you use, save the file using the MS Powerpoint *.ppt or *.pptx formats. Use file name -- "YourUniversityName_DDMMYY.ppt".

    • Upload to IGC via one of the dropbox sites noted below.​

  2. Videos--follow the guidelines below
    • Regardless of the presentation software you use, save the file using the *.mov format. All file names MUST start with the name of your institution -- "".

    • Upload to IGC via one of the dropbox sites noted below.

Uploading files to IGC:

6-minute videos for IGC 2021 presentations

Please read and use these guidelines.  We are very close to having a superb outcome for IGC2020 but need your cooperation.
  1. Your video presentation should be no more than 6 minutes long.  The conference committee may shorten your video to fit the conference timeline if you exceed this time limit.
  2. At a minimum, your video should cover the same content areas as the PowerPoint summary described below but your video will allow you more flexibility to expand on that outline.
  3. Your PowerPoint summary slides may be a part of your video but that is not essential.  However, please include a clear introduction with the project name, its main goal or goals, and a description of the project location.
  4. End the video with "closing credits" including participants and any special resources that you were able to use.
  5. Please upload your video presentation in *.mov format as described above.

8 required slides for IGC 2021 project descriptions

Please read and use these guidelines. 
There are EIGHT REQUIRED slides, one optional. 
See template and guidelines linked below. 
NOTE: The Descriptive Slides template shows the layout for each required slide followed by an example of a completed slide using the template.



IGC Layout and Graphic Suggestions 

All teams should use the templates provided to prepare materials with readable text that will be made available to all participants to enable machine translation into other languages. 


Beyond those constraints, participants are encouraged to use their full creativity to convey the background and supplemental material essential to their project. 3-D representations, charts and graphs are encouraged, to complement the 2-d map graphics. Use the best combination to convey your design but be consistent in using the same elements to convey the three scenario outcomes that have been specified. 

(The notes above are prepared referencing applications running on an Apple MacBook Pro with macOS 11.2.3 – there may be differences in how things work on Windows)

OPTIONAL Poster for website posting and future display

For those who prefer the poster format, we encourage you to submit posters in Adobe InDesign format following the guidelines linked below.  These are NOT a requirement but all submitted will be posted on the website and printed for display at IGC’s next in-person meeting.

Preparing files for uploading​​:




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