Reporting formats

Standard reporting formats have been developed for the 2019 meeting of the International Geodesign Collaboration.  They are presented in detail under IGC Events|Presentation Formats but their logic applies broadly across the broad range of geodesign projects. Participants attending the IGC 2019 meeting will be invited to make presentations as well as display posters.  We expect presentations to use MS Powerpoint. Those unable to attend will be represented by posters only.


The basic format uses a two-square layout to provide a concise overview of a typical geodesign project in a single MS Powerpoint presentation slide at 16:9 widescreen format.  That same layout serves for a double-page spread of square-format pages that could be the opposing pages of a book.  Six of those units can be compiled into and A0 (46.81x33.10") poster for exhibition.

This is the layout for a presentation slide matching those above:

Six slides compile to create a single exhibition poster:​

Two posters create a vertically-oriented display that will be used in the IGC 2019 exhibit:

IGC Background information and the Assumptions and Innovations research will also be displayed in poster format--the latter using twelve powerpoint slides to make a single poster.

Typical exhibition arrangement:

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