IGC 2019 Meeting Schedule

The schedule of the first IGC meeting on 23-25 February 2019 preceded the 10th Geodesign Summit, 26-28 February 2019 in Redlands, California, USA.  IGC 2019 was primarily academic while the Geodesign Summit was primarily professional; many participants attended both.


Key IGC activities:

On Sunday 24 February and Monday 25 February, school representatives presented their projects in the Esri main auditorium, half each day.  Each team had 8 minutes for a pre-set powerpoint presentation. To help comparison these were shown in groups organized approximately by study area distance from the equator--"cold" to "hot" and within each group ordered from largest to smallest (see below for detailed schedule).  Each IGC participant voted to select 4 presentations for showing at the Monday 5:00pm pre-Geodesign Summit session.


Also on Sunday and Monday, there were four groups of three simultaneous comparative research discussions, two each day. The overarching question was: What are the patterns of similarity and difference among how the participating teams responded? Our goal was to inform and shape IGC to ensure its successful future.


The outline schedule for the IGC event was as follows:​

IGC_Geodesign2019CollAgenda_2-19 vs4.jpg

Order, presenters and titles of presentations

All materials are available for download on the IGC 2019 Conference Presentations page

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