Tools, Technologies and support


  • Jack Dangermond ( has generously agreed to make Esri’s data and relevant technology free to use for all IGC participants during the period of this collaboration. An email to Michael Gould <> will arrange access.

    • Technology:    ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, GeoPlanner, CityEngine​

  • Geodesignhub will continue to be free to access and use. Hrishi Ballal ( has generously made Geodesignhub and the Geodesignhub tutorial videos free to access for all IGC participants for the duration of the IGC collaboration. In addition to an online course that is freely available, (, there will be opportunities to participate in training webinars delivered over the internet at different time zones which will be scheduled.



ArcGIS Online:




Living Atlas:




Geodesignhub is a cloud-based, software built by Hrishi Ballal. It comes with a rich plugin eco-system and is designed to link with other tools and models. It is used to manage geodesign for large, complex, politically contentious projects and studies where multiple parties need to be engaged.


3-D Viewers for Geodesignhub

Geodesignhub provides two 3D Viewers to visualize designs in 3D:

  • 3D Viewer (for urban design, community size projects) 

  • Globe 3D Viewer (for projects with large scale e.g. regional size)


Both have one-click integration with Geodesignhub and are: 

  • Free

  • Open source

  • Use state of the art 3D technologies

They require NO technical knowledge to generate a 3-D scene -download the powerpoint for more details.